Watch Winder for Beginners

Watch Winder for Beginners

You might know a common gadget called a single watch winder. Yes, it’s the small box to store your watch and keep it winded so that it doesn’t die. If you are still new to this gadget there are few aspects to be considered besides the price.

  1. Technical Criteria

Before you decide to buy an single watch winder you should consider the technical aspects such as:

  1. Turns per Day

Every brand varies in terms of capability to turn your watch in a day. Normally a single watch winder would spin 650 times per day. 

  1. Rotation Direction

The direction of rotation is also something you should consider. Choose a winder that could rotate clockwise, anti-clockwise, and also bidirectional revolutions. In this way, the movements will not be monotone.

  1. Strap Size

Watches come in different sizes and models of straps. Therefore it is best for you to choose a winter that can fit and adapt to your watch. This is to ensure your watch can be safely placed when operated

  1. Safety and Comfort

Watch winder is more than just technical accessories for your watch; it can also become a vault or storage for your valuable collection of watch. Therefore these aspects can be measured by these factors:

  1. Practically

The shape of a watch winder should be fit and efficient what is stored in cabinets, shelves, and even to be brought for your business in your suitcase. The access of this winder should be made easy and simple so that you won’t need to go a series of locks or handling before you can reach your watch

  1. Silent

Although the technology of a watch winder is not very complex, it is best for you to seek a watch winder that doesn’t make a disturbing or annoying noise while it operates. Of course you wouldn’t get disturbed in your sleep by a squeaking or scratching sound produced by the watch winder.

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